Aid to Kharkiv hospitals

Aid to Kharkiv hospitals

At the beginning of 2016, the Boris Lozhkin Charitable Foundation, together with the American charitable organization Supplies Over Seas (SOS), provided aid to Kharkiv hospitals.

Supplies Over Seas is an American charitable organization that collects and delivers medical supplies and equipment to the countries in need in the sphere of health care.

The total amount of the provided supplies and equipment was over 150 thousand dollars.

The aid was received by the following medical facilities: Kharkiv Regional Clinical Hospital No 1, Center for Emergency Medical Aid and Disaster Medicine, Kharkiv Regional Clinical Traumatology Hospital, and Kharkiv Military Hospital.

The hospitals received 49 different medical products, among them: an anesthesia machine, aspirators, fetal monitors and vital signs monitors, an endoscopy tower, infant warming systems, operating tables, as well as a significant number of other medical products needed to provide quality care to patients.