Art for Life Charitable Auction

Art for Life Charitable Auction

“Art for life” is the most large-scale project of the Boris Lozhkin Charitable Foundation and one of the most important events in the world of contemporary Ukrainian art.

“We are proud of it,” Nadia Shalomova and Boris Lozhkin say. “This is the project, thanks to which, the most up-to-date medical equipment is given over every year to the state-operated medical institutions, which helped the Ukrainian physicians save lives of thousands of the Ukrainian children.

This is the project that opens new creative ways for the young Ukrainian artists, and provides additional opportunities for communicating with their audience to the recognized masters.

The project that unites both philanthropists, who have long been interested in the Ukrainian art, and those who are neophytes in this matter.”

The first “Art for Life” charity auction took place in 2015. The auctions have been held annually since then.

Over the years, almost 100 Ukrainian artists have provided their works for the auctions, and more than 300 sponsors have taken part in them. The total amount of the funds raised exceeded UAH 42 million.

  • Year 2015. The headed by Illia Yemets Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery received a universal ultrasound system Philips EPIQ7, that allows diagnosing heart diseases in children even before birth, in the mother’s womb. The Foundation also purchased for the Center a resuscitation unit for newborns, which creates optimum conditions for recovery of babies in the post-operative period.
  • Year 2016. The Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery received two modern anesthesia delivery systems Flow-I, produced by MAQUET Critical Care (Sweden). The system operates on basis of a resuscitation machine for artificial ventilation of the lungs and allows providing anesthesia even for newborns or premature babies. Flow-I systems are indispensable for operations in the first hours after a child’s birth.
  • Year 2017. The funds from philanthropists were used to create and fully equip a post-intensive care and rehabilitation unit for premature babies and babies with perinatal pathology on the basis of the Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. In particular, lung ventilators, patient monitors, seizure monitor alarm and alert devices, phototherapy lamps, pulse oximeters, incubators were bought. Additionally, a parenting school for advising and teaching was set up on its base.
  • Year 2018. Assistance from the Foundation was again received by the Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery. The raised at the auction funds made it possible to buy a high-tech Heart-Lung Machine Maquet HL 20 and give it over to the Center. It is namely such devices that made it possible to perform the most complex operations on the heart, as they are taking over its functions at the time of the operation.
  • Year 2019. The funds raised as a result of the “Art for Life” charity auction have been directed to support the Center for Pediatric Hepatology, the specialists of which diagnose and treat the most complicated liver diseases. In particular, the Center has received a state-of-the-art apparatus for ultra-precise ultrasound examinations and an intensive care unit has been equipped.